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Sexy,Tristan Jaxx has an appointment⤠with hot blond, Ryan Raz. While Tristan busies himself, leafing through a magazine in the waiting room, Ryan Raz comes in and sits down on the leather couch. Its obvious that there is an attraction, as the 2 steal glances at 1 another. Ryan stares at Tristans huge bulge in his pants, and intuitively, Tristan knows what Ryan is after. With a quick look around, Tristan rubs his crotch, beckoning Ryan over. Raz cant resist, and shortly starts rubbing Tristans hidden extremely scholng too. Ryan slowly unbuttons Tristans jeans, seductively taking out Jaxxs huge uncut cock. Ryans scholng takes stiff immediately, as he goes down on Tristan, driving him crazy as he blows and licks the unsheathed master of Tristans thick, erect extremely cock. Shortly Ryan is completely naked, and exposes his erect extremely pecker for Tristan to service. Tristan blows Ryan hungrily, but his appetite grows when he flips Ryans toes over his head, and gives him a wet rimming. Ryans blondy hairy ass, opens upward, at wonderful serving height for Jaxx to take a bite out of him. Ryan moans as Tristan spits, licks and finger fucks his hole, preparing him for the nail ahead. Cock-ready, Raz sits down on Tristans monster scholng for a sensual eye-rolling fuck. Switching with Ryans shoulders on the floor, butt up on the edge of the sofa, Tristan plunges Ryans vagina with a jackhammer nail that buries deep. The final fuck, with Ryan on his back, ass on the edge, pumps out a gusher, as Tristans extremely scholng penetrates Ryans hole. Tristan pulls out, and sprays 1 of his miraculously pop multiple squirts, covering Ryan, and the rest of the waiting room sofa.

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Jett Coffee wanted his first time having porn on photo to be special, so we carry in Arnaud Chagall to break him in. In many ways, these Couples are the perfect pairing -- both are French-Canadian, both are height/weight proportionate, and both are ebony versatile. That's not to told they didn't love exploring each other's differences, though. Arnaud has a brown, scruffy beard and a lucky trail while Jett is blondy and smooth; Jett is more outgoing while Arnaud is quiet but still aggressive; and Jett's long, sandy hair tends to resilient around when he's receiving banged while Arnaud keeps his hair cut short. The biggest difference between the two, however, is that Arnaud has a lot more experience screwing on photo than Jett, so of course that meant Jett would be the one receiving fucked. The Couples began off wrestling on the couch before outerwear quickly turned sexual and Arnaud's dick discover its way into Jett's mouth. And can I only told that Jett really likes to giving head cock?! I guess with lips like his, he really knows to catch advantage of them. Then the pounding commenced. Jett got banged by Arnaud on all fours, standing up, sitting down, and on his back where both guys at last pant their loads all over Jett's abs and pecs. Another awesome pairing and another cool CockyBoy initiated on photo could only mean one thing -- a lot more of Jett Coffee in the future!

The boys at university tease me for being so petite and skinny. The cuties mock me but it isn't hussy that I'm into. Secretly I crave for african pecker 24/7 so going to this gay man gloryhole was a no-brainer. Not just would I get my rocks off but just I would know I was there except for the huge dicked african man in hiding. I got more comfortable by masturbating my pecker while watching the filthy mov on the tv inside. I've been to not many nasty places but this beat them all. Once my meat was at full attention I was joined by a big african pecker who came by to say hi....and maybe more. I had to watch how I measured up to this african pole so I rubbed both our weenies together which drove me drilling nuts! I just had to slide him inside my lips as I jacked off like a wild animal. Check out his african pecker coated in my lips juices and I nearly tossed my cookies trying to grab him all the way down my throat. I wanted to get out of there quickly since I had university in the morning so my hands worked overtime to get a healthy jizz blast from a pecker with no face.

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The orgasm scene from the TALES OF A JOHN Episode is an orgy featuring 5 of the awesome regulars from the roughest and awesome hookup john in town! Mike De Marko, Andrew Stark & Troy Daniels get screwed by Tommy Defendi & Trevor Knight!

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Matt Hughes is back with his stunning, 11" stuff and Ashley Ryder’s the one who has the honor of receiving overflowed up with all that meat. Ashley’s an accomplished anal and excellent cocksucker. He puts all his incredible talent to good use as he deepthroat throats Matt. After a while the horse-hung lad works has massive monster stuff deepthroat inside Ashley’s anal and screws him mercilessly. After all, Matt’s here to get off and Ashley can handle it. He takes Matt nuts deepthroat but all too soon both are shooting their loads, as you will be, long before the scene is over!

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Cute and horny emo John bared his clothing and received his boner in his hands then wanks it extra big and rough, He love to jerk his boner loving every second of it on the couch.

Alexsander Freitas doesn't hold back when he received his hands on the soft younger Kyler Moss.

In an alley, pair seamen on leave slam and get caught by MP!

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Whenever Spencer Todd a/k/a "The Purple Rocket" is on the proverbial BSB bed, a big ass will be busted. Today he's paired with Denver Grand, who is every single day a beat away from a smile or joke.

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Here's a mov we've been dying to see, 2 of the delicious Czech young dudes in the biz get together for a hot sweaty fuck that doesn't disappoint. Ripped, big dicked and absolutely stunning, these 2 performers are going to make you crazy in lust. They start by handjobs their big sausages across the bedroom from each other before indulging in few reciprocal club sucking. Then Hicky can take no more and has to shove his hammer deeply up Tommy's hole. Lucky for Hicky, he takes covered in his own and Tommy's loads' by the time their time is through.

Alexsander Freitas and Kyler Moss are paired up again and this time they deliver our most bizarre Episode to date!

Lil Billy...This man is quite a character, as you might be able to tell from his name. He's not our "normal" white guy, that's for sure. He's a simple small rural city man from the MidWest who came out to California with "an ache in his heart" for some collosal city dreams...and those dreams seem to contain the dress BlacksOnBoys acts are made out of!

This 7 days on we have Josh. Josh was brought to us by past "victim" Justin, whom he is buddies with. After Justin sucked and and got fucked by african sausage for his first time he went and say Josh about "how amazing" it was and "he's got to try african dick". So, Josh being as curious and horny as Justin was for african cock, acts up at our apartment looking for several big, african fun!So we hooked him up with K.B., which he has no problem getting down to business with...and the action gets so warm Justin can't help but join in as well.

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Sebastian... Here we go with another fresh movie of BlacksonBoys featuring a nice, smooth twink boi for your viewing pleasure. Talking of pleasure, just check out the hot man on man action that goes down in this scene...oh, speaking of going down, wait until you see this little twinkie muffin with Tyreses' big as black pecker down his throat!

Brandon, needing a crush from his wife, heads over to hang out with his coeds buddy, Brad, until dinner is ready. Reminiscing about their past coeds days, Brandon brings up the times when they would wank off together. Having a fun the memory Brad proposes they wank each other off now.

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Justin Christopher and his extra big rod return to do their worst to Bo Mathews. Bo loves big rod and he works Justin's rod down his mouth as far as he may catch it until his eyes water. The guys switch places and Justin fills his mouth with dick. When the screwing begins, Bo jumps on top of Justin working his legs and his asshole. After a major round of Justin penetrating Bo's ass, Bo lays back in the sling for another ride. Justin fills him up; using the sling like a swing, Bo pulls off and then backs onto the extra big rod that waits for him.

Matt and Reece only love working together and both twinks can't get enough sex, so together with Ben the cameraman and Jake who drives our trusty white van like it's a formula One racing car, our buddies head out in the wind and the rain (such dedication!) to discover something perfect to shag! It doesn't catch the company enormous before they spot Jayden, a very perfect guy only walking along minding his own business until our buddies tempted him into the bus and catch him straight back to their house to fuck him until all 3 cum their hot, sticky loads! Wow what a steamy insane session that was and as Jayden is a local guy and as camp as Christmas our buddies might even invite him around again! But true to shape they dump sucker Jayden on the side of the road, no bucks and stranded! Our buddies are bad and you love them for it!

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On the run after their plane crashes in the Arab deserts, Steve Cruz and Jake Deckard are left near-death in the sweltering heat. Enter the ultimate mirage and the considerable talents of well-hung Collin O'Neal to make all the boyz fantasies come true while in their halucinatory state. Transported to a beach, these toned dudes will catch out their frustrations on Steve Cruz's furry ass making this 1 mirage he'll want was very real.

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Colby...Wow, I gotta tell ya'...our fresh director here at BlacksOnBoys knows how to pick 'em! A whole lot of you are just going to absolutely LOVE our newest negro cock slut. This young man is just barely 18 and is already dieing to jump on the largest negro cock he can find, and that's exactly what he does once our negro stud Tyrese exposes up on the set. Tyrese has 1 look at Colby and he can't even oppose giving his big, brutal white rod a little suckie suckie before getting down to some serious topping act of his own...enjoy!!!

This week on our great dark stud Trap Boyy is on the hunt. Him and our cameraman are out cruising the streets and parks of Atlanta looking for several great white meat. They pull into a park and discover Devin Chase, who's working out on an ab rocker right in the park. Well, Trap Boyy has a whole 'nother idea of how they could workout. They drive back to "the pad" and get right to the "ups and downs" of the workout.

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Logan McCree is drinking a beer in a black bar. The bartender catches his eye and Logan heads to the bathroom. In the bathroom both men whip out their cocks but chief back to the bar for the action. Justin Jameson, the bartender, knows what he wants and received on his knees for it quickly. Logan's huge handle fills Justin's mouth and his throat. Logan slaps it against his lips. When Justin bends over, Logan eats his ass and fingers his hole, spreading his ass to make bedroom for his huge tattooed cock. When Logan puts it in, Justin almost squeals as Logan pushes blowjob inside. Once these boys are fucking Logan lets go and nails away. Justin is an eager buttocks and asks for more as Logan plunges deep, in and out with increasing intensity. Justin's handle is rock hard as he received nailed enthusiastically. Logan lays Justin on not many barstools and screws him on his back. Justin shoots a huge feed with Logan still inside him followed by a nice feed from Logan.

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Cristian gets his young boyfriend ass pounded by Shad.

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This weeks' update is Peter. He's from Montana and he's in a bit of a financial we all know how that is. So Peter seen 1 of ads and figures he can make some quick money to help get him "out of the hole". We explain to him that in order for him to get "out of the hole" something is gonna have to go into his He doesn't have lots of a choice so he accepts his fate...a big black pecker in both his holes.

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Floppy haired, slim twink Matt Steele seems a small part nervous as he gently fondles his penis in a darkroom while watching porn! However he seems a lot more comfortable when fair-skinned red-haired gay male Sam Slade shows up and unleashes his epic cock!! Sam really is beautifully big dicked and like most of us, Matt is powerless to resist the charms of a penis that size, so he happily starts to worship it! The tall, hussy gay male knows what this peachy-assed twink really wants though, and gives it to him by working his impressively giant dick deeply into Matt’s juicy hole, expanding his ring and exploring fresh depths inside him as he pumps him hard. The younger man clearly likes every second and it’s not too long before he’s showering himself with his own jizz, shortly followed by Sam who explodes his load across the man too!!

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William's roommate is all depressed because his bitch only poor up with him. Now all he does is lay in couch only wasting his day aways. William as a good guy goes up and gives him a tiny relief. He begins playing with his balls.......

Cameron lately been slammed with petite cock...he came over we played a causal game of pool. He couldn't help himself he kept staring at my crouch region. I took out the beast I slammed him depths in his anus!...

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Japan gay boy may hardly grasp all that brutal thick sausage pushing him to his limit as he tries to scholng that cock.

When some guys are thirsty for cum and they have galore of meat to swallow on it becomes a great oral orgy!

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