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Episode 1 -- Michael Brandon and Caedon Chase Caedon Chase, the ripped tattooed piggy wearing his purple jock, is on all fours prepared and admirable in the dark delight dungeon. The striking head Michael Brandon clad in a jock and cup received right into the action by gliding his soaking hand into Caedon. Skillfully pleasing his gay male puppet with constant strokes, Michael twists and punches as his man pushes back wanting more. The intensity in Michael's eyes grows as his subject writhes in ecstasy and acts his enlarged, rosy sphincter. Caedon stands providing Michael with an eye level view of his hairy ass, and serves the gay male with quick, rapid-fire mini punches that hit Caedon's target causing him to let out loud approving moans. On his back and holding his combat boots in the air, Caedon thanks Michael with a perfect view of his gaping pussy and allows Michael to reach in deeper with hurry forearm thrusts, that send inspire grunts of delight from the approving Caedon. Episode 2 -- Ashley Ryder and Caedon ChaseAshley Ryder and Caedon Chase enter the dungeon, and immediately get into a brutal make out session. Ashley kisses and licks Caedon's pits and torso, but Caedon controls thrusting Ashley onto the padded table and getting his legs in the air, so he may service Ashley's pucker with his leeps and tongue. Ashley asks for him to desert deeper before he hands Caedon gloves and oil signaling that he wants much more. Caedon received right to work fingers, then hands and then fists and wrists each deeper and with more pleased grunts and groans from Ashley. This pussy dominator obliges and gives his pup an approving kiss, then presses even deeper nearly elbow deep. While Caedon's quite inside him, he flips to all fours allowing Caedon to journey even deeper, sliding 1 hand in after the other and causing this greedy man to open his cavernous pussy even wider. Ashley holds onto a hanging ring and received on both toes so he may squat on Caedon's fist jumping it ferociously. If that wasn't enough, this dick puppet stands, stoops around while still jumping Caedon's forearm, to reveal his hardcore cock popped out of his jock. They kiss, and the man bounces on Caedon's fist. Ashely stoops again and jerks a heat feed out with Caedon's fist deeply inside him. Episode 3 -- Ashley Ryder and Caedon Chase Ashley Ryder preps Caedon Chase's pussy with his heat mouth, spitting the hairy pussy and lapping at it with his tongue and plunging deeper and deeper. Ashley received gloved up and applies massive amounts of oil to Caedon's smokin' furry hole. Ashley's fist twists and stoops widening his buddy's orifice. Both hands get inserted with swift succession causing Caedon to moan as Ashley puts both sets of fingers inside Caedon pulling outward to get a fine view of his hole. Ashley begins pummeling Caedon's pussy 1 hand after the other and then vibrating 1 hand wildly causing Caedon to exhale with staccato groans. Turned over, Caedon spreads his legs wide to be quite serviced. This better fister dips in and pulls out quickly, a stream of oil following, and then inserts his left fist and fingers of his right hand holding them steady as Caedon writhes in ecstasy breathing deeply and relaxing enough to let Ashley insert the orgasm finger and get both fists quite inside him, and Caedon's gushing pussy pushes out exposing the deeply purple center glistening with approval. Ashley pushes Caedon up on his shoulder blades and churning the pussy repeatedly until Caedon moans loud and large and Ashley reaches in for a kiss. Episode Four -- Ashley Ryder and Race CooperJockstrapped, face down and booted legs held aloft by stirrups, Ashley Ryder's prepared for some fine fist served up from Race Cooper who approaches and gives his willing fistee a couple hardcore smacks on his pale butt. Ashley's asshole rises and falls with each breath he takes in anticipation of this smooth, candy skinned hand meat. And, Race received right to it...easing a finger, and then two, three, 4 and the whole fist while Ashley holds his mesh jock with excitement. Ashley raises up on his hands thrusting his insatiable asshole on Race's arm well past the wrist, and Race leisurely inches deeper while Ashley grunts and groans. Race holds steady deeply inside Ashley until he pulls out his pucker and massages it gently in approval. Ashley puts his legs in the stirrups facing up this time, and let's Race deliver his arm for the receiving as Ashley grabs onto a hanging ring and glides on and off the heat african flexing arm. Ashley is aroused and begins to stroke his dick as Race corkscrews deeper and deeper, pulling out a fully-bloomed, deeply purple bouquet, which blossoms and then falls back into Ashley's gaping hole. Aroused by his heat hand toy, Race bones and fast pulls out his heat thick rod. Race pushes deeper and bows down to suck on Ashley's dick thrusting him closer and closer to orgasm. After Ashley shoots globs of cum, Race jerks and spurts in appreciation.

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What would you do if you found two hot hunks all savage and doing out in your place? Of course, you would do what Anne here did. She fast stripped down to her sheer pantyhose and before long, she was sucking on Fellip's penis while his ass was stuffed full of Arcanjo's cock. It was such an erotic sight but there's more with these hot bisexual friends.

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You've never heard ass-tapping till you've heard our boyz in this slamming orgy. You'd be forgiven for thinking you were on a construction web page from all the noise, but, no, it's only our rough thug fuckers. We've got brawny boyz and slim-guys alike among the ensemble and none of their butts are safe from the donkey weenies floating around the room.

D.O. soaks in his bath looking over at Francesco D'Macho shaving. Once he's finished, Francesco walks over to his lover. Francesco then aims his uncut bone at his man's face and D.O. swallows the big stick all the way down to its base. Francesco grunts with pleasure, enjoying his partner's work. Then D.O. emerges from the tub; all Francesco may do is kneel and open wide. D.O. then targets Francesco's butt, stretching the curvy asscheeks apart and digging in depths with his tongue. D.O. bonks his buttocks and the big man grimaces with pained pleasure.

Tristan Tyler is back from "retirement" and he received fresh kid Chris Jett for a bumpy ride!

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Hung hotties Erik and Spencer crash into each other kissing and groping like the lusty sex fiends they are. Spencer falls to his knees to guzzle Erik's brutal big one before Erik hoists his ex onto the table and begins to lick his dick. It's not long before Erik penetrates Spencer fast and brutal before he unloads onto his rump and lets Spencer wank off all over his face.

The Helix mans go on an incredible road trip to L.A. Pride with new smooth twink Matthew Keading. After getting to L.A. Matthew meets the super sexy Anderson Lovell and you can tell they have an instant connection. The 2 males quickly get to know each other, soon they end up alone in a hotel room and are hardly ready to fuck. Anderson starts things off by going down on Matthew's raging hardly penis then loosens up Matthew's tight ass so that it is ready for his giant dick. Anderson puts Matthew on his back and nails him long and hardly while Matthew only cries out with joy. Starring: Anderson Lovell, Matthew Keading

After agreeing to help Keith immaculate up, Casper discovered what appeared to be a couple of kinky porn sextoys under his sofa. At first, Keith claimed they weren't his but after Casper told he shared an interest in Bondage bottom fun, he soon jizzed out with the truth. These young guys have had a few drunken kisses in the past, but they haven't really gone past that point and very rarely talk about it. Not that it's a problem now, of course, seeing as noise plays a massive bit in their sexi encounters together. See, Casper only loves to spank naughty young guys and it only so happens that Keith makes a lot of noise when he experiences pain. The combination is as you'd expect – noisy, passionate, punishing and painful. If you love the world of homosexual bondage, Spank This totally believes this clip will have you at hello.

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Defined man Cal hooks up with Dominic in Washington and gives him his fat cock!

Cummed join this monster group of fun-loving men as they swirl bones around in their mouths, only tasting them, swallowing them, sexy them, a whole heaving mass of men only enjoying the sensations of heads and shafts gliding on their warm tongues as their own bones are worked by yet more mouths, or their bodies are massaged, or their juicy asses are fucked with even more hard dicks. If we let a meteorologist into one of our exclusive, all-guy parties, we imagine he would nail this whole fact down to one term: cock tornado!

Alex Stevens, Matt Hughes and Philippe Delvaux meat up at a disco and the Three are in for a massive night of hot porn and rampant butt fucking. First, there’s Matt and his by-now infamous 11-inch monster cock. Czech superstar Alex and curly-haired Philippe exchange the huge slab of beef as they take turns licking on it. Alex received as much as he can before Philippe invades his willing ass. Even Matt received in on the dick sucking, his lips wrapped around Alex’s erect tough cock! Philippe received all Matt has to propose while screwing Alex and the semen showers in a short time begin!

Christopher Daniels received an anonymous invite to a mysterious party. Upon arriving, Christopher is blindfolded and his carnal sex minds of being group banged by 4 masked studs came true.

Smooth, young Mylo is in for a severe session of CBT in this video. Tied to a massage table, his slabs will never be the same after enduring the coarse game that's inflicted on him in this intense one-on-one. His face looks so damn gorgeous even when it's contorted in pain.

Beginning their encounter with not many passionate kissing, groping and even hair pulling, you can tell from the get-go that these young guys are really receiving into it. They then grasp off their clothes, suck on each others tools and get into not many ass-play with a collection of pleasure toys. These kinky buggers really ensure you guys get a finest show out of them.

It's not often you get to big-dicked twinks in one bedroom together, but we've managed to do it with Lex and Austin. If you think the hardest thing in the bedroom was one of this spicy pairing's dicks think again! The hardest thing was deciding who was going to ass for the other's monster cock. And wait till you watch the results!!!

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Raul is 1 of the cutest whiteboy/latino dudes I've laid my eyes on in quite sometime. I love the biracial boys, and only like Dean, I sometimes dream of them. This is a really tight Episode cause we actually get right in on that dream, if you know what I mean! One second Dean is telling Chris about what goes on in his curly mind, and then next second we're witnessing the action! This is more Dean's Episode than Chris's, but they both get all over Raul, to the point he ends up a sticky mess! Hot! What's hotter is watching this hunky lad pleasure himself after Dean and Chris have unloaded all over his tight white chest! This scene's another keeper!!

Preston Steel isn't into escorts, but when it arrive to his pretty paper boy, Noah Carlisle, he's happy to contribute to his education!

Amerifist has masked Greedyholeforu in his sling, and gets right to greasing up his hole. Amerifist slides his hands around to prep his fisting ass pig. Greedyholeforu has been inviting Amerifist to check out his dungeon for months and finally they discover a time to take his visit on film. In just moments, Amerifist has his finish first in Greedyholeforu, who pushes out his rosebud willingly for Amerifist to marvel at and massage. It's not giant before Amerifist is punishing the hole, punching it with alternating clenched hands, and Greedyholeforu groans and growls in appreciation.

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Cock sucking, deeply fucking, ball slapping, with the adorable Playas in town! This is Brotha lovin' Brotha as only Dark Dawgs know how! Cum and see these thug boyz get their freak on and deeply leeps huge thug cock like you've never seen! Looks like these hot Niggas are HUNGRY!

Jonny doesn't catch massive to strip down to nothing and he grasps his cock and begins to massage it to hardness while tickle his tight ass. With every wank his fat foreskin slides up and down, He's happy to bare us how sensitive his head.

I'd be lying if i'd seeing pair hunks pair naturally hairless hunks didn't make me craving to remove every tuff of bod hair on me. Grasp Robert and Louie; these smooth Czech boys kissing their way down each other's girls in this movie got me so hard, I think I popped pair loads before they'd even got their dicks out. My advice? Try and keep off till Robert is jumping Louie's bbw dick - it's well worth the wait.

In an empty elevator Scott Tanner finds a quiet moment to wank his dick. Dressed in a cop uniform, sunglasses and all, Scott's massive cock bounces in the soft blue light. The uniform accentuates Scott's bod as he massages his pecs and his massive balls. Scott bends over and exposes the video camera his big round furry ass, poking his boner crystal down and creating the awesome image.

Milton is quite popular and he could have his pick among all the hot homosexual hot male models in campus. Right now though, he has his eyes on hot Ary with his tall hot bitch and that hot spiky Blondes hair. He at last got the guts to invite Ary to his place and from there, they proceeded to hot kissing and making out that ended with Ary impaled on his cock.

Dark-haired lad Luke Desmond has got an sexy tanned, muscled body, with a funny 6 pack and a great big cock! Hea’s decided to share it with his equally well endowed friend Luke Pascoe, which makes two loving Lukes with monster dicks! This time though ita’s Luke Desmond who takes to ram his man meat deeply inside the blonde, skinny boy, and he bloody likes it! You can watch from the blondea’s face thata’s he cana’t wait to feel every single inch slide into his tight hole, moaning in pleasure as it slips in!

From the very get-go I thought this movie was hot, as watching Billy Simonds and Enrico Roselli make out is fascinating viewing. But It just received better from there, with the duett getting on each other dicks before moving on to a sweat inducing fuck. The buttocks then sits on his ripped buddies large dick and jumps it to a to a spectacular cum-shot.

Kevy Codine is back for his first duo and he received to damn Jeremy Sanders bareback!
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It's Trevor's birthday, and he's invited his buddy's brother Tristan over to his party. What Tristan doesn't know, however, is that he's the only invitee, and the party involves Trevor trying to seduce him. When Tristan arrives and finds out his brother's guy has duped him, he gets so crazy that he gets it out on his asshole, by letting Trevor fuck it.

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According to Gibson on the afternoon of August 4th, Officer Johnson and Officer Harrington Chocolate assaulted the younger younger guy during his weekly meeting. Gibson and the mov recordings obtained during a search of the offices by police confirmed the victims account of the incident. The 37 minute giant tape features two overly aggressive Parole Officers using their unlimited powers to force a younger younger guy into submission. Most disturbing of all, the tape clearly shows the officers placing illegal narcotics in the Parolees back pocket prior to searching him. This allowed the Officers to extort the younger younger guy and force him into erotic intercourse.

Left to recover from his hot, explosive massage, pure dude Nathaniel Bronze finds himself entertaining crew member Luke Desmond. Luke likes pain and sweety candle wax torture, and really fancied Nathaniel after filming him with Sebastian. Horny as hell, Luke strips Nathaniel naked, received his own 9-inch stick out and sets to business licking Nathaniel's mammoth tool until he's dangerously close to orgasm. Luke releases his own sweety facial feed over Nathaniel's barely six-pack stomach before subjecting the screeching pure Coeds to a painful sweety wax session. Finally, his stick still hard, Luke lets Nathaniel's feed loose, leaving the abased dude drained and exhausted.

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With one hand down his ripped jeans Jake Tyler begins to enjoy his own body. Touching himself in all the right spots causes his bulge to grow and harden. We soon sense that Jake has a nice rigid cock and baby smooth ass. Catch every inch of this hardly Eighteen year old's sexy body in this slapping solo scene. Starring: Jake Tyler

Couples hairy Latino dudes were outdoor frolicking exposed under the morning sun. It's Marcio Rosa and his horny gay bear lover Amauri Oliveira comparing each other's stiff muscles and gaming with their eager dick dicks by cramming them into their tight asses.

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Cockwork Directed by Tony Dimarco Cockwork is inspired by a cinematic masterpiece, borrowing striking stylistic elements from the vintage film. Boss Tony Dimarco skillfully pays homage by drawing inspiration and fetishizing the masculine imagery of the bowler hat, men's skirt shoes, jock straps, socks and sock garters. The hooligan cast, Exclusives D.O., Tom Wolfe, Jesse Santana, Heath Jordan and Alexander Garrett, as well as fan favorites Marc Dylan and Cavin Knight get dressed up in their inspired attire, and then they get seriously sexed up when Dimarco unleashes them into a surreal gray world where aggressive erotic game is the buy of the day. These radical "sexos," who violate each other in all the top ways are going to take over your screen and arrest your senses by wreaking cheeky bravado and smut havoc in every scene. Scene 1 - D.O. & Alexander Garrett: Looking dapper in their black bowlers and orange jocks, D.O. and Alexander Garrett waste no time and leave crazy on each other with desperate abandon. Identical in their sinewy bulk and muscularity, the bro are amazing matched. And their physical attributes - as cute as they are lethal - only rival the intensity of their carnal desires. Alexander received down on his knees to worship D.O.'s thick dick, nursing on it with gusto. And shortly D.O. is wanting more, beginning an aggressive assault on his partner's ass. First he rims Alexander's hole, wetting it with slurps and tongue jabs; then he bonks it hard. More fevered rim act follows with some added finger pokes, plus more club stuffing, and even the insertion of a wooden juggling pin. It doesn't matter what's going in as Alexander grunts and groans his approval until both friends vigorously final themselves off by hand and unload. Scene Two - Jesse Santana & Cavin Knight: Cavin Knight is a determined friend on a mission as he kneels between Jesse Santana's built legs to swallow his swollen cock. With his right hand firmly gripping the base of the thick shaft, he guides the pierced dickhead into his mouth, letting his lips slide over the mushroom tip and down the bbw length. Then Jesse received over and skillfully deepthroats Cavin's pole, feasting on it greedily before he starts tasting out his ass, juicing up the puckered cunt with his spit. With Cavin then hunkering down, Jesse stuffs his engorged stick up his manhole. He gyrates in and out in a steady sensuous rhythm doing them both feel the burn of pained pleasure. They continue fucking every which way and after a switcheroo, Cavin jumps into the driver's seat to copulate Jesse's hungry hole. Nearing climax, the Couples studs jack themselves off to a gut-busting final of a mixed nut blast onto Jesse's ripped abs... which Cavin gleefully licks up. Scene Three - Tom Wolfe & Heath Jordan: Staring directly into uber-stud Tom Wolfe's curly ass, equally furry Heath Jordan is more than ready to dive right in. He grabs keep of Tom's thick thighs and licks through the thicket of asshole hair to reach his glorious hole. Then he turns Tom around, pulls his club out of his jockstrap and excitedly licks it down. Tom coos with excitement as he holds Heath's chief securely and bonks his mouth, doing him gag and cough. They stop to lather each other with aggressive friend kisses and then Tom received to work. He throws Heath down on his back, upends him and jams his hot tongue into his ass. He fingers the hole, makes it slick with his spit and then fills it with his cock, thrusting in and out - fast and hard. Heath then climbs aboard a supine Tom and rides his rock meat pole. They reposition themselves with Heath lying flat on his back, masturbating his club as Tom continues plugging away. The friends at last jet their wads, creaming Heath's furry stomach with hot cum. Scene 4: D.O. & Marc Dylan: Stretching Marc Dylan's smooth anal pussy sluts apart, D.O.gains easy access to his twitching bunghole. The handsome power top stretches the asshole crack open and licks it clean. He teases Marc with a variety of violent slurps and then shocks him with extremely slaps across his ass. Insane and determined to perform as energetically, Marc received up to swallow D.O.'s dick. He nurses on it hungrily doing sure his oral experience are exciting his partner. He then lays back with his chief over the side of the bed, opens his throat wide so D.O. may really cram his stick down his gullet. D.O. lifts Marc's hips up to rim his asshole again, this time more aggressively and roughly. He stuffs his thumb inside the hole, reddens the round sluts with more harsh slaps and then bonks his beloved extremely and fast. Marc mounts D.O.'s gorgeous stick and they continue screwing. With all this overwhelming stimulation, Marc jacks away at his stiffy until he climaxes and D.O. follows, blasting his load onto his exhausted partner.

Hot, swarthy stud, Intrigue is at the gym and finds himself a hot and willing white dude to bring back to the fuck pad. His name is Brett Styles and he's fine to go. They get out of the frigid and back to the crib and hot things up between themselves. Brett wastes no time looking at Intrigue's swarthy penis and gets to swallowing it right away...enjoying every inch of that swarthy rod. Intrigue even gets in on the oral action and gives Brett's cock a whirl in his mouth. It tuns out that Brett has a really nice bit of hanging white meat too. We all know swallowing penis can just last so giant when it's the other cunt you're after. Brett "takes a seat" and lowers himself right down on 8 inches of dark schlong and it received off from there. Enjoy!

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I went online to discover this glory-hole and I heard it's a cue place to get your dick wet. I saw the vagina opening and heard not many fellow on the other side making not many noise. I decided to watch if the hype was true and stuck my man-meat through the hole. It wasn't too long before I feel a hot mouth housing my raging hard cock. The fellow knew what he was doing and even took my man-meat in his hands for not many jacing action. His groans and moans were evidence that he was having a fun this as much as I was. I couldn't risk the cops busting up our party so he sat back down and I could hear him beating his shit. He must have picture a hell of a lot of juice by the way he was screaming since the walls were shaking

Dripping with precum, cute small Andy delighted the buff Will Jamieson pounding his anal hard, making the cutie groan with painful orgasm as his butt is probed by his stiff large dick. The kind of poses the tattooed enjoyment guy puts his bum boy in, gives him finish access to that peachy smooth ass, flipping him around and about as he builds up the sensual energy, prepared to unleash all over Andy, as he gets both loads splattered across his slender stomach.

Sexually aroused better Dylan Parker arrives at mate Mackenzie’s flat for a no-holds barred fuckfest that is going to desert them both excited and coated in spunk! Big dicked man Dylan is has cute boy-next-door great looks but the attitude of a wicked bastard and bone of a donkey! Slim, blonde chav Mackenzie wastes no time feasting on his attractive meat shaft and then climbs on to it and jumps it reverse cowboy style, while Dylan pumps it relentlessly into him over and over!

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You know anyone boi with the name Michah is going to be hawt. Our boi Michah delivers too... in more than one way. He has a true love for black candy and when he cummed in and met our crew, his sweet tooth was achin'. So sit back, relax and watch Michah put a huge black sausage in every hole.

Giovanni Ice is this weeks' newest update on A boy of his turned him on to our internet site a few weeks ago and guess what??? He couldn't help but to start craving the monster black cock. So he emailed us and the next thing he knew he's sitting in front of our camera waiting to suck and fuck Mr Sauki's monster ass black cock...and I bet there's a lot of you out there who are waiting to suck it too. Enjoy!!!

Derrick lost his wedding ring and knows his milf will be pissed! His friend, Jared, comes over to help search the house. Eventually Jared finds and asks Derrick what he plans to do to reward him. Derrick knows he needs the ring and proposes anything Jared wants.

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Wilfried Knight and Vince Ferelli are on a rooftop taking hot and heavy. Soon they are nude and trading blowjobs. They move inside the stairwell to crap and what a crap it is! Hairy Wilfried Knight gets massive body builder Vince Ferelli from behind Plunging his mass up with every crap blow. From start to finish it's a high impact crap the way dudes do, grunting and spitting and Plunging until the last drop of cum explodes from their meaty cocks.

God, I never thought in a million years I'd be saying 'I love it here!' This place has got it all: gym, sports bar, sauna, clip room, even a day spa. I've met some nice cool bros too… Too awful I didn't see their faces.

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